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Lotus Elise

Specificaties € 29.900,00

KM Stand146.978 km
Vermogen motor160 PK
cilinder inhoud1796cc
Kleur n.b.
Interieur n.b.


Driving a go-kart is something of an acquired taste. You sit on a dinner tray, a few inches off the ground. You get a steering wheel, an engine, four tiny tyres, suspension and . . . that’s it. At speed, the forces of acceleration, de-acceleration and lateral G’s are unfiltered, and vicious. Nannies have been jailed for shaking babies less violently. But if you love to drive, a go-kart unleashes a flood of adrenalin-crazed endorphins that makes it hurt so good. After haring around in a go-kart, driving a ‘normal’ car feels like, um, nothing.

I’m sorry, did I say go-kart? I meant to say ‘Lotus Elise.’ Read the above paragraph again, substituting the word ‘Elise’ for ‘go-kart.’ The differences between the two are both obvious and unimportant: size, doors, roof, gearbox and top end. The similarities are startling. Ride height low enough to scare a limbo dancer. A tiny engine with a narrow but brutally effective power band. Steering and suspension so direct you wonder where the machine ends and your nervous system begins. Put it all together and you’ve got a road car that you can drive like a go-kart, using your entire body to aim the machine with zero-delay, laser-guided precision.

Cornering is its forte. One sharp corner in an Elise and you’re hooked. A serious speed merchant can exploit the Elise’s sublime, sweet-handling chassis and slide the car around a bend with one finger. Mere mortals can enjoy the car’s talents just as much by keeping everything smooth and steady. Fast in, fast out. Shake it all about. Get into a rhythm down your favourite road, and you’ll believe a man can fly. If you enjoy driving fast for the sheer bloody hell of it, the Elise is just about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

Nothing compares to the Elise’s feedback, poise and death grip on the tarmac.
Even an MPV-driving school-run-Mummy could extract maximum pleasure from every one of the Elise’s 160 horses.

Wait! Don’t laugh. We know that’s less horsepower than an entry level Honda Accord. But the fibreglass Elise is a featherweight: only 750 kgs. Provided you don’t have a large lunch, the Lotus’ superb power-to-weight ratio means you can mix it with the big boys. The sprint from zero to sixty takes 5.8 seconds.
less than half a second behind a Porsche Carrera of the same age. Besides, when your bottom is two feet off the ground, anything more than a walking pace feels fast.

Anyway, you get the point: the Lotus Elise is the finest road-legal driver’s car ever made. Now let’s look at the practical side . . .
There isn’t much. The Elise is a sports car from The Old School in the relentless pursuit of weight reduction and it really does show in the cars ability to hit the apex.
There’s a decent heater . . . and that’s it. The radio is a small, that’s a good thing, you wont have it turned on, the engine notes plays a much nicer tune.
Where other manufacturers woo buyers with creature comforts and hi-tech toys, Lotus offers you a Zen rock garden, turn the wheel with passion and there isn’t a chance the idea of complaining will even enter you head.

The Elise is a genuine classic that does both Lotus and its discerning owners proud. As such, it’s the best car money can buy. Despite the obvious styling cues—a pastiche of every supercar cliché ever made—the Lotus Elise is not a miniature Ferrari. Oh, no. It’s a lot better than that.

For the Drivers

Lotus Elise 1.8-16V

Hieronder een aantal eigenschappen en of opties:

- Origineel Nederlands geleverd
- Zeer net onderstel
- Nitrons schokdempers
- Origineel Lotus sportuitlaat systeem
- VDK Onderhoudshistorie bekend vanaf 2003 t/m 2022
- Becker radio

Stunning unique colour options for this 111S, extras include Exige S2 Spoiler, upgraded Nitron suspension and Xenon headlights

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All specifications

gewicht(leeg)760 kg
KM Stand146.978
Vermogen motor160 PK
cilinder inhoud1796 cc
CO2-emissie177 g/km
Verkoopprijs€ 29.900,00
BTW / MargeMarge
Kosten rijklaar maken€ 395,00


Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
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