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Lotus Elise

Specifications € 44.900,00

Mileage n.b.
Horsepower241 PK
Engine size1796cc
Color n.b.


Lotus Elise S1
In today's automotive landscape, cars boast heated seats, cooled interiors, satellite radios, and USB ports to accommodate our every need, transforming vehicles into tech-laden havens. While these advancements are impressive, they often lead to an overload of unnecessary features. The Series 1 Lotus Elise, however, stands as a testament to the purity of driving, stripping away the superfluous and retaining only what truly matters.
Unveiled at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Elise marked a return to Lotus' foundational principles. This compact vehicle featured a revolutionary bonded extruded aluminium chassis, fiberglass body panels, lightweight brakes, and a nimble motor. It demonstrated that head-turning performance didn't require excessive power or exorbitant price tags. Despite sharing the stage with high-profile debuts like the Audi TT and Ferrari F50, the Elise captured global attention with its simplicity and allure.
The Elise's design philosophy was straightforward yet effective: a handling-focused, low-power sports car built for the modern era. Its layout was a masterclass in balance: a mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive, and wheels positioned at each corner for optimal stability. The original powerplant, a 1.8-liter Rover K Series engine, produced a modest 118 bhp and 122 lb-ft of torque, propelling the car from 0 to 100 kph in 5.8 seconds and achieving a top speed of over 190 kph. In the mid-1990s, these figures were impressive for such a diminutive sports car.
This particular Lotus Elise, previously owned by a Lotus Cars Europe employee, has been meticulously enhanced. The original Rover K Series engine has been expertly replaced with a Honda K20A engine, renowned as one of the best engines ever made, now tuned to deliver 240 bhp. To match its increased performance, the car has undergone a big brake conversion and is equipped with Nitron suspension, ensuring it remains firmly planted on challenging roads.
Maintenance is comprehensive and well-documented, with four A4 binders detailing every aspect of service history. The tasteful addition of carbon fibre elements, including one of only two carbon fibre hard tops made by Lotus UK, adds to the vehicle's rarity and appeal. The Elise's shape, designed by Julian Thomson, remains iconic with its dynamic curves and pronounced haunches. This particular vehicle is even signed by the reclusive designer himself, adding a unique touch of provenance.
Lotus cars are engineered for true driving enthusiasts. If you consider yourself a dedicated driver, schedule a test drive today with Marco Smit at 06-81344949.
"If you haven’t owned a Lotus Elise S1, can you really call yourself a petrolhead?"

Lotus Elise S1 – Specifications General Information
Model: Lotus Elise S1
Production Years: 1996-2001
Designer: Julian Thomson

Length: 3,725 mm (146.7 in)
Width: 1,706 mm (67.2 in)
Height: 1,144 mm (45.0 in)
Wheelbase: 2,300 mm (90.6 in)
Curb Weight: Approx. 725 kg (1,598 lbs)

Chassis and Body

Chassis: Bonded extruded aluminum
Body: Fiberglass panels


Original Engine: Type: Rover K Series
Displacement: 1.8 liters
Power: 118 bhp (88 kW) @ 5,500 rpm
Torque: 122 lb-ft (165 Nm) @ 3,000 rpm
Upgraded Engine:Type: Honda K20A
Power: 240 bhp (179 kW)
Torque: Approx. 162 lb-ft (220 Nm)


0-100 kph (0-62 mph):
Original: 5.8 seconds~
Upgraded: Approx. 4.2 seconds
Top Speed:Original: 190 kph (118 mph)
Upgraded: Estimated 225 kph (140 mph)
Transmission Gearbox: 6-speed manual Honda
Front: Independent double wishbone
Rear: Independent double wishbone
Upgraded Suspension: Nitron suspension

Original: Ventilated disc brakes
Upgraded: Big brake conversion
Wheels and Tires
Wheels: Alloy wheels
Tires: High-performance tires

Interior and Comfort
Seats: Lightweight racing seats
Steering Wheel: Leather-wrapped, adjustable
Additional Features
Special Edition: 1 of 2 carbon fiber hard tops made by Lotus UK
Signatures: Signed by designer Julian Thomson
Documentation: Four A4 binders with a comprehensive service history
Contact for Test Drive
Marco Smit
Phone: 06-81344949

Voor meer informatie over deze auto kunt u contact opnemen met Willem van der Kooi op +31(0)30-4100490 of via Willem@vanderkooisportscars.nl.

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All specifications

TypeS 240 Honda conversie
Weight(empty)683 kg
Horsepower241 PK
Engine size1796 cc
CO2 emissions0 g/km
Fuel typeBenzine
Price€ 44.900,00
Delivery costs€ 495,00


Honda K20 Motor
4 Punts gordels
6 Speed Gearbox
Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
Alcantara pack
Carbon Airbox
Getint glas
Nitron verstelbare schokdempers
Olie temperatuur meter
Passenger footrest
Reverie Carbon delen
Speciaal Nitron Onderstel
Uitneembaar Stuurwiel