Lotus Exige

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KM Stand9.775 km
Vermogen motor489 PK
cilinder inhoud3456cc
KleurExige Orange


The Lotus Exige V6 Supercharged VDK 490 Special

The replacement for the Exige S and the ultimate incarnation Lotus’ mid-engined V6 coupe: the Sport 350. It’s lighter and faster than the Exige S
The initial plan had been to fit the Evora’s 400bhp engine to the Exige, but in doing so it would have meant the engineers couldn’t get the car below the 1200kg target weight it’s weight loss that has been the key focus, with 51kg taken out of the car reducing the curb weight to 1125kg.

The Exige Sport 350 retains the 3.5-litre 345bhp Toyota-sourced supercharged V6 fitted to the Exige S, but what has changed is the manual six-speed gearbox.
The gearbox’s shift mechanism has been thoroughly overhauled with the new mechanism designed to provide a tighter, more precise, and cleaner shift action.
The mechanism’s new components are machined from cast aluminum and result in a 1.5kg saving, it’s also on show in the transmission tunnel thanks to the new lightweight center console – also being open to see, what a beautiful piece of art it is.

When the car was * ‘standard’ despite no additional power from the V6 engine, the Sport 350 is a tenth quicker to 100kph, stopping the clock in 3.7 seconds
*The VDK 490 Special is anything but standard… more on this shortly*
Top speed remains at 273 kph and it laps Lotus’ Hethel test track 2.5 seconds faster than the Exige S, setting a 1min29.8sec, the first production Lotus to get below 1min 30sec!
Whilst Lotus was under Jean-Marc Gales’ stewardship, Lotus has been on a weight-saving mission. Every Thursday Gales and his engineers entered the Lotus Lightweight Laboratory and go through the tables of parts and components that, had they made it to the factory floor would have been assembled to build a Lotus car. Instead, every part is inspected and scrutinized for suitability of purpose, the key questions asked being: is it the best part for the job? Are we paying the right price for the part and, crucially: is it the lightest available? (Chapman would be so proud!)
This fine-tooth comb policy can result in a part being redesigned – such as the Sport 350’s rear subframe, replaced – the engine cover is now a plastic louvered item (it not only saves 3kg but it improves engine cooling too), or removed altogether. 'We redesigned the HVAC system, it hadn’t changed in 20 years, and because of this, there was a pipe we no longer needed. That was 3kg saved. And we had a system that heats up quicker, is more efficient and quieter too' explained Gales.

One of the biggest weight savings was 12kg in the body panels. Previously there could be as much as a 4kg difference between the weight of one set of body panels and another but the manufacturing process has now been changed; quality control improved, and every body panel on every Sport 350 will weigh the same - and crucially less than before.
The Sport 350 program focused on weight loss and with lower mass, the engineers could also focus on fine-tuning the chassis further. Camber, toe, and bump-steer have all been changed, the toe angle to allow a degree of pre-load in the tires to eliminate the nervousness the Exige suffered on less than perfect surfaces. The steering rack has also been repositioned and the rear wheel is half an inch wider at 10 inches. There’s also a new lightweight forged wheel that saves 5kg of unsprung weight, which Lotus can afford to fit thanks to the cost savings made by improved purchasing efficiency.
When used with the standard engine, not the most orchestral in the business, still surprises with its tractability and low-down torque that feels like it’s permanently ready and waiting for you to ask it to get on with it, which it does with effortless ease. But if it’s not the engine’s performance that grabs you, it’s that first gearshift, and trust us, it will grab you!

Whoever you worship thank them because Lotus has a gearshift it can be proud of and you can use. It’s not only tight around the gate, but precise and intuitive and within three or four shifts your right hand drops instinctively to go up and down the ratios, no longer do you need to make a conscious effort to change gear and be prepared to wrestle it home. If this was the only upgrade Lotus had made to the Sport 350 we’d be very happy. But there’s more.
The chassis work has resulted in an even more precise machine. There’s no longer a small delay when you first apply an amount of lock before the front axle reacts, instead it’s instant but crucially it’s not too quick nor edgy, but linear and precise and installs immediate confidence.
Combine the steering changes with the other chassis upgrades on the road – a more compliant ride despite stiffer Exige Cup dampers, improved body control, increased grip levels and the more relaxed nature and settled movements on poor road surfaces – and the Sport 350 draws you in. It encourages you to push harder, brake later and deeper into the corner and lean on the outer tyres’ grip, and play with that brilliant chassis beneath you.
Whether it be around a track you’re a spirited drive down your favourite country lane the high-speed balance is exceptional, its adjustability on the throttle so precise and manageable that you drive below, on or over the limit of adhesion however you see fit. Overcook it on the way in and a lift tucks the nose in. Over-stretch the right foot too early in the turn and as the rear begins to arc around, gathering it up requires a simple controlled roll of the wrists or feathering of the throttle. Get it unsettled in the quicker stuff and a little more than a degree of corrective lock is required as you chase the throttle on the exit. And the best bit is you don’t need to be a lap record holder to experience the best of the Sport 350. It’s as forgiving as it is exciting, and soon you can drive it on the throttle, controlling every aspect with the slightest of inputs.

Lotus didn’t have to do much to the Exige S to improve on its ability, but in the Sport 350 every area is improved by 25 percent, the result being an even more engaging and enthralling car than before.
So that’s a pretty good start, however, our story doesn’t end here, now the experts in the VDK workshop worked their magical talents.

Working our way around this absolute monster, we can start with the interior upgrades – the AiM MX2E is a masterpiece and highly desirable, not only for its digital beauty but also for the enhancements of fluid reading that now become available. Next on the upgrades list is a Black Swede Sparco wheel equipped with a moveable adopter and quick release. The addition of a 4-point harness leaves you locked into your seat, ready for battle to commence. But just in case you do need that relaxation support on your way home after a busy day, the cruise control and aircon will provide just that. The optional extra Orange interior colour pack is also upgraded and included.

Moving to the exterior of our Lotus Exige VDK 490 Special, your eyes first catch the carbon canards, matching beauty with performance. The carbon doesn’t stop there though, the front bonnet is also carbon shredding even more weight, along with the Eltec carbon rear, carbon side scoops, carbon skirts, Lotus Exige 410 carbon spoiler and light weight carbon side mirrors.
Moving the rear we can feast on the upgraded lights know as GRP… just stunning, added to this is a ‘black pack’ and just because we know everyone is going to have their jaws on the floor drooling and staring whilst you park your pride and joy we have fitted a rear view camera for your convenience.
Super light weight alloys with brand new rubber on the rear and Nitron suspension.

If you are already on the edge of your chair, hold tight here come the VDK Special performance upgrades – The engine is now producing a staggering 490 BHP thanks to the expert VDK tech team, having the 3.5l fully forged with steel rods and forged pistons combined with a charge cooled supercharger.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about our Lotus VDK 490 Special, it’s only a shame words don’t actually do any justice to just how wonderful it is to drive.

Lotus – for the drivers.

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TypeVDK 490 Special
gewicht(leeg)1100 kg
KleurExige Orange
KM Stand9.775
Vermogen motor489 PK
cilinder inhoud3456 cc
CO2-emissie235 g/km
VerkoopprijsOp aanvraag
BTW / MargeMarge
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