About Caterham

“Drive your dream”

At Caterham, we’ve always put the driver experience at the very heart of what we do. Just as Chapman did over 60 years ago, we are committed to reducing weight, increasing power and giving our customers a thrilling drive whether on the road or on the racetrack. Strap in, take a deep breath and prepare yourself. You’re about to have the ride of your life.

Super Seven 1600

The new Super Seven 1600 takes inspiration from the original Super Sevens, and the very earliest Caterhams of the 1970s, with a few modern touches thrown in for effortless motoring. This particular Super Seven boasts a 1.6 Ford Sigma unit with Twin 40s throttle-body upgrades, polished finishes, flared front wings, SMITHS dials and a bespoke interior. The bespoke interior comes in a variety of leather finishes, and the wheels and headlight bowls can be specified in wide choice of colours – making the Super Seven 1600 one of our most customisable cars yet. Welcome to the new old-school.

Seven 275

With little more than 500kg to push along, the 135ps that the Seven 275 packs, quietly delivers an unexpected but satisfying thump. To put the wily power of this Seven into context, your average family hatch would need 350ps under the bonnet to match it. Even then, it would come a cropper when it came to stopping or turning corners at any speed. The Seven 275’s agile frame lets it sneak around in the performance pack and with enough power to get the job done – 0–100km/h in five seconds – it can leave much of the opposition for dead without the enemy ever knowing it was there. It will do it all with an understated sense of style. 

Seven 485 & 485 CSR

Some cars just aren’t afraid of any road that comes into view. The Seven 485 is one of those cars. The Seven 485 is the fastest production car we’ve ever built in Europe. A 237ps champion ready to take on any highway one-on-one, the Seven 485 delivers huge dollops of torque, backed up by a high-revving, dry-sumped engine that makes it a wild, but intensely visceral ride. This isn’t a car it’s a missile. With Wheels. And you’re in it. Do you dare?