It may be over 50 years old in spirit, but the Seven will always be a work in progress

In his wildest dreams, Colin Chapman would not have believed his lightweight sportscar would last half a Century, that it would still be a benchmark for performance and handling, be sold in 30 countries worldwide and provide unrivalled opportunities in motorsport.



    275           485

Caterham Range

The Caterham Seven has achieved all of this and more. Consequently, we don’t stand still. The history of the Seven reads as an annual catalogue of technical development; and this is not set to change any time soon as we look to push the envelope even further.



Seven 275

The Caterham Seven 275 is the lightweight sportscar for all conditions. Combining performance on the road, as well as proven ability on track that is inherent in all Sevens.


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Seven 485

Enter the new EU5 homologated Seven 485. It’s the fastest, lightest and greenest Seven we’ve ever made for the overseas market.

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