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Lotus 340R

Specificaties € 62.500,00

KM Stand26.800 km
Vermogen motor190 PK
cilinder inhoud1796cc
KleurAzure Blue


The Brits have always been a reckless breed. Back in the days of adventure and exploration, they would travel to the ends of the earth seemingly for the sheer thrill of it. Their impetuous spirit can still be seen in their approach to building sports cars, most notably in Hethel where Lotus engineers have pushed the sports-car envelope as far as they can with the 340R.

Based on the Elise, the 340R represents the quintessential driver's machine, equipped with everything you need to go fast around a racetrack while devoid of virtually every modern-day creature comfort, including a top, a luggage compartment, doors, side windows and a stereo, Yes Mr Chapman, we know, add lightness!

The car's radical design is motorcycle-inspired, with curves and edges placed all over the car seemingly at random. Its "exposed-wheel" layout, complete with cycle-style fenders, reminds us of the historical Lotus Seven, but that's where the styling similarity ends. The 340R's face is menacing enough to scare children back into their homes. It's characterized by slim, horizontally-canted headlights and an oval grille that gives the minimalist two-seater it unique face.

The 340R's profile is compact — overall length and wheelbase measure a scant 362 and 230 cm, respectively — while the rear is decked with a large wing and exposed stainless-steel exhaust.

The 340R is simply the most fun and rewarding car in the world to drive on a twisty road. It turns in with exceptional crispness and grips the road as if the Yokohama A038 tires were coated with Super Glue. Like the Elise, the 340R is extremely agile — it reacts to the slightest steering, throttle and brake inputs — but on medium-speed turns and high-speed sweepers, it feels noticeably more stable.

Credit here goes to Lotus' revolutionary aluminium chassis and the stiffer suspension, which consists of upper and lower A-arms at both front and rear.

Sitting behind the cockpit of the 340R is Rover's K-Series 1.8-liter inline-four. This specific 340R has 190 BHP, thanks to an upgrade. The 340R is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. First gear engages with a delicate snick. The moment you press the throttle pedal, the 340R leaps off the line with alarming intensity. It pulls all the way up to redline with some added emphasis at the top end of the rpm spectrum. Each upshift brings a robust forward surge, accompanied by a deep race-car-like growl.

This 340R is from April 2000 and has only driven about 26,800 miles, which is more or less 42,900 kms. The car is original RHD and nr. 158 out of 340 examples made.

Finally, some specs and optional extras:
• Colour: Azure Blue
• 190 BHP kit
• Stack Track Timer
• 2bular exhaust system
• Sport cat
• Oil cooler kit
• AP Clutch Organic
• Nitron 46 ProRace Shocks
• Eibach Springs
• Sport Battery
• Tonneau Cover
• Full Leather seats
• Schroth 4P seat belts
• Fire extinguisher
• MOMO steeringwheel

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All specifications

TypeNR 158 RHD
gewicht(leeg)676 kg
KleurAzure Blue
KM Stand26.800
Vermogen motor190 PK
cilinder inhoud1796 cc
CO2-emissie225 g/km
Verkoopprijs€ 62.500,00
BTW / MargeMarge
Kosten rijklaar maken€ 395,00