Lotus Exige

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KM Stand32.000 km
Vermogen motor390 PK
cilinder inhoud3456cc
KleurExige Orange
InterieurDonker grijs


An original Dutch car, we proudly present the Lotus Exige VDK Special. The Lotus Exige we have here today might be considered modern, but it’s not bloated with computers that make the art of driving fast too easily accessible. It demands commitment and skill. It is as raw, analogue and brutalist as sports cars get, but it gives so much reward, exactly what a Lotus is designed to do – its for you: The Driver!

With over 15 thousand euros of optional extras added to this ultimate driving machine, powered by a Toyota-sourced TVS1900 Supercharged 3.5-litre V6, the Exige sends power to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox. Ratios are selected with an aluminium open-gate manual gear shifter that looks like it could take pride of place in a modern art gallery. There’s no doubt as to where the Exige’s power is sourced from when nestled in the cabin, as just about the only thing you can see in the rear view mirror is the beefy supercharger sitting atop the engine.

Acceleration is brutal. Plant your right foot into the firewall and first gear disappears in an instant, but it doesn’t stop there, every single gear pulls you closer and closer to the grin from ear to ear that is so hard to remove even after pulling over. For unsuspecting outsiders, it’s probably frightening, for us and the true Lotus fans alike we are pretty much as close to heaven as we can get. Eat a particularly hearty lunch and you’ll be adding a decent percentage to the Lotus’ weight, rarely can such a performance car be anywhere near the weight level reached – 1110kg.

The paintwork in Exige Orange is rather unique with a Matt Black roof to finish off the incredibly impressive looks. The interior itself has been complimented with orange inserts to match the gorgeous paintwork.

Additionally, this Exige is equipped with Nitron fully adjustable height and dampening, superlight forged wheels and painted calipers, canards supporting the aerodynamics of the car, carbon sills, carbon spoiler from the Exige Cup 380, front splitter and many more. Genuinely we could just stand and stare at the details of this beautiful piece of machinery. But then you drive it….. The power and the torque are just so usable and the cars handling abilities inspire complete confidence whether it be road or track. A beauty and a beast.

Voor meer informatie over deze auto kunt u contact opnemen met Willem van der Kooi op +31(0)30-4100490 of via Willem@vanderkooisportscars.nl

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All specifications

TypeSport 350 VDK Special
gewicht(leeg)1100 kg
KleurExige Orange
KM Stand32.000
Vermogen motor390 PK
cilinder inhoud3456 cc
CO2-emissie235 g/km
VerkoopprijsOp aanvraag
BTW / MargeMarge
Kosten rijklaar maken€ 395,00


Airbag bestuurder
Airbag passagier
Alcantara bekleding
Anti Blokkeer Systeem
Brake Assist System
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Elektronisch Sper Differentieel
LED achterlichten
LED dagrijverlichting
Lederen stuurwiel
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