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Lotus Elise

Specificaties € 69.500,00

KM Stand33.165 km
Vermogen motor222 PK
cilinder inhoud1798cc
Kleur n.b.
Interieur n.b.


The Lotus Elise is as beautifully simple, pleasingly compact and bristling with energy and feedback as it was when it was first released 26 years ago. Cynics will argue that it hasn’t changed and developed enough – it’s still built around an extruded and bonded alumium chassis, as it always has been. But in reality the Elise highlights just how overweight, over-the-top and cumbersome its so-called rivals have become. The Elise is the perfect antidote to modern cars without feeling in the slightest bit decrepid or outdated.

So what is a Cup 220? broadly speaking, it’s a road-going version of the track-only fixed-hardtop S Cup R. The S stands for 217bhp of supercharged Lotus-Toyota four, so performance isn’t any too shabby. But the real headliner is the way it tackles corners quick and slow, thanks to the Cup bit: an aero kit and stiffened chassis tune.
Sure enough, on a track it’s all about quick-reacting precision, the delicious steering letting you know just when it’s nibbling at understeer, the seat communicating the onset of oversteer. The ESP’s Sport setting allows you to play small slide angles with great subtlety. At 190kph, the splitter, barge boards, side duct vanes and a huge rear-wing-and-diffuser combo are shoving you into the tarmac with a force equivalent to 100kg, and it’s already doing good work at road speeds. The result is a sense of security in fast corners that’d have a normal Elise feeling slightly floaty.

It’s small, its ride is relatively supple and its front tyres are a super-slim 175mm in section. So it doesn’t need much road width, and it doesn’t tramline. On a country back road, those are stupendous assets. The minuscule nose weight means the steering rack happily goes without power assistance. The result is an absolute joy, a wheel free of friction and largely without kickback, yet intimate in telling you what grip is left. When you think about how often you actually use your car’s steering, that’s a benchmark well worth having.

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All specifications

Type1.8-16V S 220 CUP
gewicht(leeg)927 kg
KM Stand33.165
Vermogen motor222 PK
cilinder inhoud1798 cc
CO2-emissie175 g/km
Verkoopprijs€ 69.500,00
Kosten rijklaar maken€ 395,00


Airbag bestuurder
Airbag passagier
Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
Anti Blokkeer Systeem
Audioinstallatie met cd-speler
Buitenspiegels in carrosseriekleur
Centrale deurvergrendeling met afstandsbediening
Elektrische ramen voor
Lederen stuurwiel
Lederen versnellingspook
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