Lotus Evora

Specificaties € 55.000,00

KM Stand44.701 km
Vermogen motor400 PK
cilinder inhoud3456cc
KleurStarlight Black
Interieur n.b.


Lotus Evora 3.5V6 S 2+0

- Quote "Het is een van de meest fijne 'rijders' auto's die er is, zei een van de bekendste autojournalisten van de UK Jay Emm

Deze Evora is door de vorige eigenaar flink aangepakt. Met onder andere de Phase EV430 Upgrade is het vermogen opgekrikt naar +/- 425 pk en 465nm.

‘one of the finest drivers cars ever made’ Jay Emm.

When Lotus designed the Evora, it wanted a car to take on the Porsche Caymans of this world, they aimed for the moon and landed on the stars! Something that was fun and dynamic, but still practical. This is not a bigger Elise or Exige this is a ground-up brand new car design.
The addition of a supercharger has a profound effect on the Evora. On power and weight, Lotus’s chassis experts have been hard at work, refining the Evora’s sublime dynamics to exploit the extra punch.

If the supercharger wasn’t on show in the back window you might never guess that this Evora has forced induction. There’s none of the rasping whine that characterises the supercharged Exige, and the instantaneous throttle response and linearity of the power delivery give the impression that there is simply a bigger engine in the back.

Almost from the moment the wheels start rolling, the feeling is quite different to the regular model, the steering has more weight and the ride being a fraction firmer. There’s a bit more of a boom from the V6 on start-up, you are going to fall in love with the Lotus Evora Sports button.

As soon as things get twisty on the road, the car instantly shrinks around you, that perfect driving position becomes apparent and the millimetre direct steering rewards you at every turn. Lotus has nailed it.
The grip the car manages is also phenomenal. Not once will you manage to even get close to the chassis' limits.

Now lets just quickly cover two of the frequently asked questions –
1. Can I drive this daily
2. Can I fit golf clubs in the back

The interior of the Evora is a genuinely lovely place to be from the sports seats to the metal buttoned features. Double wishbone suspension front and rear, designed to take double the power ever achieved. The view out of the car is per group C racing, completely driver-focused. A very spacious cabin area that even the tallest will have plenty of headroom. The steering is sublime, if not one of the best in the business, sheer enjoyment. The front is naturally light, giving a sensational ability to corner. The brakes are nice and progressive, the throttle is nicely judged and increased response during sport button engagement. You can park this car next to the latest supercar and this will still grab the crowd's attention.

A little-known fact for those who are interested – The McLaren team that is now producing some outstanding cars (in particular the 12C) were actually headhunted from the Lotus Evora team after they test drove one!
Between the chassis, steering and just the right amount of power leads to so much confidence and pure driving pleasure.

In summary, the Lotus Evora presses all the right supercar buttons – the engine is in the middle, its low, its swoopy and as agile as you could dream for. To quote Jeremy Clarkson ‘even by supercar standards this is fantastic….Properly, properly fantastic… This is amazing, go and drive one'

De Evora is o.a. voorzien van;

- Larini De-Cat Pipe
- Cruise control
- GRP achterlichten
- Recaro sportstoelen
- Airconditioning
- Achteruitrijcamera
- Ruim € 10.000, - aan motor upgrades

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All specifications

Type3.5 2+0
gewicht(leeg)1358 kg
KleurStarlight Black
KM Stand44.701
Vermogen motor400 PK
cilinder inhoud3456 cc
CO2-emissie215 g/km
Verkoopprijs€ 55.000,00
Kosten rijklaar maken€ 395,00


Airbag bestuurder
Airbag passagier
Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
Anti Blokkeer Systeem
Anti doorSlip Regeling
bi-xenon koplampen
Buitenspiegels elektrisch verstel- en verwarmbaar
Buitenspiegels in carrosseriekleur
Centrale deurvergrendeling met afstandsbediening
Elektrische ramen voor
Elektronische remkrachtverdeling
Lederen sportstoelen
Lederen versnellingspook
Lichtmetalen velgen
Radio-cd/mp3 speler
Stuur verstelbaar
Warmtewerende voorruit