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Lotus Exige

Specificaties € 72.500,00

KM Stand25.523 km
Vermogen motor351 PK
cilinder inhoud3456cc
Kleur n.b.
Interieur n.b.


Deze Lotus Exige IPS 3.5 S Roadster is puur rijplezier !!

Dit Oranje monster met 3.5 V6 motor met 350 PK met " Supercharger " van bouwjaar 2016 met nog maar 25.253 km gereden is echt een genot om in te rijden, zowel sportief of lekker toeren over onze mooie wegen.
Al vroeg in het seizoen met het dak open, de verwarming op je voeten, dan is het al snel behagelijk.
Dit fantastische exemplaar, verkeerd in perfecte staat.
Durft u dit aan, wacht dan niet te lang, na een kopje koffie gaan we samen proefrijden, en laat u overtuigen dat dit uw auto wordt

Hieronder een aantal eigenschappen en of opties:

- LED dagrijverlichting
- Lederen stoelen met diamant patroon
- Airconditioning
- Sckakel flippers aan stuur
- Voetrust voor passagier
- Dynamic Performance Managment systeem (DPM)
- AIM Digitaal klokkenpaneel (€ 3.000, -)
- Achteruitrijcamera

“No” the Lotus fan screams at the thought of the manual gearbox taking another step towards obscurity and who would have thought it from their favourite manufacturer! Panic over, the Exige S Automatic from Lotus is an option, not a requirement! The car is Lotus’ answer to the swelling markets worldwide and especially Far East where manual cars just aren’t the norm. “Pure Driving Pleasure” does help with the involvement of the gear change for sure, but the dynamics of the car will never be enjoyed by a huge chunk of the car buying world without an auto being available. Bearing in mind that Lotus built more IPS Evora’s than manual now it makes sense to offer the Exige S with a similar option.

First impressions the Exige V6 S is a track focussed 350bhp growling monster, although more than capable on track it is also suited to the driver with a passion for a B road blast on the way home from work or a road trip to the Alps which is also fun when you get there too!

As opposed to the Evora’s steering wheel mounted paddles the Exige S has them mounted as part of the steering column shroud and this is for a reason. As the car is more track focussed (and you’ll notice this paddle position on many touring car setups), the paddles are kept static to encourage gear changes with a straighter steering wheel. There aren’t many times on track when you’ll be wanting to change up or down with extreme steering angles at play as the weight transfer caused by the change could go a long way towards unsettling the balance at the worst time. Lotus quote a shift speed of 240ms, that’s less than a quarter of a second although this is the ‘Shift Speed Phase’ of the change which is purely the time taken by the U660E gearbox to swap gears entirely, not the time from your first touch of the paddle to the next gear being fully engaged. This quick shift is faster than you’ll be able to perform in a manual and this in turn brings the Automatic’s 0-100kph down 0.1 second to 3.9 seconds although the revised ratios bring the Coupe’s top speed down to 162mph from 170mph and the Roadster is unchanged at a limited top speed of 145mph. The other benefits of the longer top gear ratios is an increase in fuel economy and lowering of CO2 emissions.
While the Exige’s TCU (Transmission Control Unit) shares the same architecture as the Evora IPS, the setup is again more track focussed. Using the new DPM selection switch (now a vertical rocker with left being ‘minus’ and right being ‘plus’ to move between DPM modes) if you select ‘Sport’ mode the Exige performs the automatic heel-toe throttle blip for you but now it’s a lot more aggressive with the car hitting the throttle harder and quicker for you. With the exhaust valve on the Exige now open and a more raspy note than the Evora this is not an unpleasant experience, very race car and very much in keeping with what you’re driving! For those moments however when you’re on a long and boring drive or stuck in traffic, with the DPM off and the gearbox in full auto mode the experience is all together more relaxing with the gear changes almost seamless both up and down and barely noticeable.

Automatic upshifts feel rapid and in Sport are approaching the redline (7,200rpm in Sport) so you’ll only see changes up to 3rd gear while keeping in the speed limits in the Netherlands with a flat throttle as the top of 3rd gear is just over 160kph! Using the paddles the upshift felt a little slower than the Evora but this is likely due to the paddles having a long and softer throw on the Exige so you need to get on with the shift slightly earlier in the rev range although the shift actually is physically quicker than the Evora, again in keeping with the purpose of the Exige. The control panel for the gears is where you’d expect it in the centre console and is artfully created, giving easy access to everything you need.

Like any Lotus, writing on paper just doesn’t do it justice, book your test drive today with Van der Kooi Sportscars.


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All specifications

Type3.5 S Roadster
gewicht(leeg)1147 kg
KM Stand25.523
Vermogen motor351 PK
cilinder inhoud3456 cc
CO2-emissie222 g/km
Verkoopprijs€ 72.500,00
Kosten rijklaar maken€ 495,00


Airbag bestuurder
Airbag passagier
Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
Anti Blokkeer Systeem
Brake Assist System
Centrale deurvergrendeling
Elektronische remkrachtverdeling
Elektronisch Sper Differentieel
LED achterlichten
LED dagrijverlichting
Lederen/stof bekleding
Lederen stuurwiel
Lichtmetalen velgen
Parkeersensor achter
Schakelmogelijkheid aan stuurwiel