Elise Exige Sport 350

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Lightweight agility, heavyweight punch

A lesson in the value of a high power-to-weight ratio, the combination of potent, torque-rich, 3.5 litre supercharged V6 in a rigid, lightweight chassis provides thrilling acceleration and instant response. Pure, unassisted steering offers exquisite feedback and vivid communication at all speeds. The Exige benefits from its own, bespoke version of the pioneering, bonded aluminium chassis, a unique subframe and forged aluminium, double wishbone suspension at the rear.

Fully functional aerodynamics

Available as both Coupe and Roadster, the latest Exige Sport 350 benefits from a revised, lighter, front clam design. Sculpted for greater aerodynamic efficiency, it brings the Sport 350’s styling in line with the rest of the Exige range. It also works with the rear wing and diffuser to generate more downforce for greater high-speed stability, without any increase in drag.

In a class of one

Choose from a wide range of lightweight, high-performance options including beautifully finished carbon fibre panels, forged wheels and an ultra-light (and fabulous sounding) titanium exhaust. Or go one step further with the Lotus Exclusive program and work with the Lotus Design team to realize your vision for the perfect Exige. A thoroughbred driver’s car with exceptional driver engagement, the Exige Sport 350 remains an epic, unmissable driving experience.

Thrilling by design

The Exige Sport 350 was the first Lotus to feature the lightweight, exposed aluminium manual gear shifter. Now a welcome feature in every Elise and Exige, it remains as satisfying to use as it is to look at. Shifts are faster and more precise, gears slot home with an engaging mechanical tactility, making every drive more rewarding and more memorable.